Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All right, so I turned in my first "finished" piece for a class yesterday. Obsessions and Phobias.

Using the "fear of dance" or Chorophobia, I made this:

And that pretty typical of how I work. Figure, minimal background, digital painting. This the kind of work and process I'd probably use if someone called and said "Hey we need a finish by noon tomorrow." I feel like I did manage to evoke a mood, and that I painted it fairly well, but it's a testament to drawing figures when you're rapidly falling out of love with a project and not motivating yourself to get enthusiastic again. Concept-wise, I certainly could have pushed it, but on a technical level, I'm pretty pleased with how the "painting" turned out. I made some minor adjustments to my usual process and I think it produced some really rich textures.

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