Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why the Mango is Heart-Shaped

Watercolor on some very bad paper. I'm not sure if I like the looseness or if I think it looks a hot mess. It's based on a Filipino folktale about a girl who commits suicide and the mango tree grows from her grave.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coming out of my transparent nerd closet

(photo by Rachel Krislov)

So, you might notice two new links in my sidebar there. One is my formal portfolio, the other is a selection of my costume work. I've been doing a lot of cosplay for ages and I've acquired a lot of skills in pursuit of that hobby, including sewing, wig styling, and, now, body paint. During my last semester at AIB, I interned for the American Repertory Theater's costume shop and turned my hobby into a professional skill set.

I've always been hesitant about posting my costume work, despite the skills I've learned from it, because the majority of my costume projects are cosplay. That is, costumes based on characters from cartoons, tv shows, comics, etc. I am interpreting someone else's work, taking it from one medium to another. That aside: It's...incredibly nerdy. I've always felt like there needs to be some barrier between my personal nerd life and my professional life. And. Really. That's kind of dumb. 

So here you are everyone. Some of the nerdy stuff I do. I may post a couple more photos from this shoot later. 

A side note: To the commenter on my last post, this is actually why my tumblr header is a line from Prometheus Bound; I was interning for the theater while production was underway and saw many of the costumes come together. I am incredibly flattered that you mentioned my blog title to Michael and Gavin.