Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anita Revisted

So remember that digital painting of Anita Berber about three entries down? This is the second version I did. For my Drawing for Illustration class, I tossed this sketch up on the wall with the ones I'd actually done with the assignment in mind. To my surprise, it was the one my teacher liked best. So I shaded it more thoroughly and put it into photoshop to resize it and clear out the blue pencil I'd used for the original sketch. After that, I printed it on a kind of paper called photo rag, which is almost like a thin hot press. I did the color with watercolors. And yes, I resized her bust. I forgot, in the original, that Anita Berber was supposed to be on the more androgynous side.

I want to do some more early 20th century stars at some point, like Marlene Dietrich and Hedy Lamarr. And Anita's sometime lover, Sebastian Droste.

On the job front update, I didn't get the job at the zoo. HOWEVER, I've found an internship! It's extremely exciting and I had my first day today. I'm on a team with other interns, helping create a public sculpture.

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