Thursday, March 11, 2010


So it occurs to me I've had the handle "napalmtree" for so long that I've never really bothered to explain it. So here's the story, boys and girls.

Once upon a time, I was a freshman in art school. And because I was an ARTIST I was DIFFERENT. I was above the norm and clearly the thing to do was cut and dye my hair willy nilly. Because I was EDGY.

Anyway, my hair changed colors constantly. Pink, purple, green, pink again, and on and on. Eventually, I settled on the color I liked best: Special Effects Napalm Orange/Agent Orange. That was the one I've done most and stuck with longest. And I've always had a peculiar attachment to the word "Napalm."

...which is actually kind of atrocious when you consider what napalm is but ANYWAY.

I eventually noticed the OH SO CLEVER wordplay of na-palm-tree and it was just a combination of words that sounded good and suited my admittedly both insane and extremely stupid worldview. And, well, it stuck. It just worked and, most of the time, it wasn't taken on most sites. I'm napalmtree on Twitter (Follow me!) and hold napalmtree and napalmtreeart on deviantArt and Livejournal respectively, though I haven't posted them. there's also a napalmtree on livejournal, but that's not me.

And since I like to keep embarrassing myself:

Oh yes. So edgy.


  1. I already figured out the napalmtree thing already ;D

    i'm so cooooool.

  2. ;( What is considered as "edgy"?

  3. I have no idea. But I'm probably as edgy as a wheel of cheese.